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Verified leads
All our customers have spent 6 months or more on FinSARA, where we validate their credit capacity and habits.

Risk-averse loans
Risk-averse loans : We don’t believe in the debt-trap. Loans are only offered to FinSARA users who have validated capacity to pay back the loan amount.

Comprehensive risk assessment
Our underwriting platform is powered by ScoreX which is 5X better than the industry baseline in assessing risk. For precise income estimates, we developed IncomX which is validated from 3+ sources.

Security ensured
All our technology uses the highest encryption standards. We are ISO27001 certified.

Hassle-free onboarding
We onboard new lenders in 7 days or less owing to our technology-run and technology-first business model.

Best industry team
Our C-Suite have spent over 30+ years in creating new-age AI underwriting technology at American Express and Amazon.

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