₹5,000 tak ki
sabse sasti
aur asaan
credit limit
Sirf 5 min mein !
Imagine having ₹5,000 extra to spend without the hassle of going to a lender! - get access to the FINSARA line of credit by asking your HR department today.
The FinSARA promise
Low-interest credit,
instant processing,
no paperwork.
What is

We are an AI technology company working towards building a credit-worthy and credit-able Bharat.

Our vision is to reinvent the credit wheel for Bharat, whilst uplifting the socio-economic stature of every individual who uses FinSARA.

  • We enable
    Lenders to build trust with first-time credit users
  • We build
    Lending solutions that are favourable to borrowers.
  • We assist
    First time borrowers to understand how credit works
  • We create
    Economic opportunity for those who have limited credit footprint
Getting started is
Step 1: Download
Get invited by your employer, or get a Golden Ticket from a FINSARA user
Step 2: Verify
Verify your Aadhar number and you are approved for a line of credit
Step 3: Buy
Scan any UPI QR code at your nearest grocery store, doctor's clinic, or petrol pump..
Step 4: Repay
Repay your balance on due date using any UPI App
Never had credit before?
Don't worry, you’re
not alone!

You’re on a journey with FINSARA. We are here to give you credit to build your confidence and incentivize your ontime repayment behaviour - thus making you credit-worthy for financial institutions.

FINSARA helps you build Credit Score so that you can then buy anything like Smartphone, Televison, and yes even a 2-wheeler ..

Dreams turn to reality,
with FinSARA!
Unlock opportunity with
FinSARA ecosystem
Onboarded today and enable your employees. Companies with 50+ employees are eligible.
Join FINSARA ecosystem today - where you win and your customers win. You must have working UPI QR code.
NBFCs and Banks can get on the FINSARA ecosystem to access an untapped market with endless potential.